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Product Details

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  • Mounting Dimensions
  • Functional Features: 
     Positioning and navigation: It can achieve precise positioning by using fusion navigation technologies such as QR code navigation and laser Slam navigation; 
     Motion control: It adopts two-wheel differential drive and supports various motion control modes such as forward, backup, and rotation; 
     Power management: it supports multi-level power threshold control, freely setting minimum charging power, and idle-time charging control; 
     Safety protection: It is equipped with multiple safety protective measures, such as front laser obstacle avoidance, contact-type edge collision detection, and emergency stop button; 
     Human-computer interaction: it has a touch screen and can also provide audible and visual alarms to indicate the current operating status of the equipment; 
     Control mode: it supports automatic, manual and remote control; 
     Cargo handling: it can support the operation of lifting, handling, and rotation of cargo with a rated load of 600Kg, and provide customized load attachments, which can adapt to multiple scenarios; 
     Network communication: it supports Wi-Fi network communication and seamless roaming, as well as the 5G network expansion; 

    Applicable Industries: 
    E-commerce, 3C (Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics), tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc. goods-to-person handling, and support customized load equipment as an extensible platform that can meet the multi-scene applications. 

    QR code spacing: 
    Reference code spacing 1000*1000 (mm), supports unequal spacing arrangement of QR codes. 

    Key words:
    • Cemal-600-D
    • 产品参数

      • Overall dimensions 950*650*250mm
      • Diameter of rotation 965mm
      • Dead weight 130Kg
      • Rated load 600Kg
      • Chassis ground clearance 25mm
      • Jacking panel dimensions 850*600mm
      • Human-computer interaction Touchscreen
      • Jacking drive Power-driven
      • Jacking 60mm
      • Rated operating speed (rated load/no load) 1.5m/s;2m/s
      • Acceleration (rated load/no load) 0.3 m/s;0.6 m/s
      • Rotating speed (full load/no load) 100 °/s;200 °/s
      • Drive mode Two-wheel differential
      • Navigation method Laser Slam or QR code
      • Laser mounting 213 mm
      • Stop position accuracy ±10 mm
      • Stop angular accuracy ±1 °
      • Type of battery LiFePO
      • Capacity/rated voltage 24Ah/48V
      • Charging cycle times 1,500 full discharge
      • Battery life under the rated conditions 8 h
      • charging time after a full discharge ≤1.5 h
      • Front laser obstacle avoidance (quantity/mounting height) 1个/213 mm
      • Opening angle 250 °
      • 3D visual obstacle avoidance Optional
      • Rear-mounted ultrasound Optional
      • Emergency stop button 2 pcs, each 1 in front and rear
      • Contact protection Piezoelectric contact switch
      • Sound-light alarm Standard
      • Chassis damping method Dual-section floating
      • Gradeability ≤5%/2.8°
      • Step-ability ≤5 mm
      • Ditch-ability ≤30 mm
      • Environment Indoor
      • Ground surface conditions Hard cement ground or conductive plastic ground is the best. Iron dust, oil stains, and/or corrosive liquids are not allowed. Avoid seams within the driving path, the maximum seam should not exceed 10mm, the surface slope should not be greater than 2.8°, and the stop point that requires precise positioning shall be no greater than 1°. The sliding friction coefficient of the ground surface should be not less than 0.5 based on the demand for brake safety distance and handling positioning accuracy.
      • Temperature Workspace: -10 ℃~50 ℃, charging area: 0 ℃~50 ℃, special customization required for the cold warehouses
      • Humidity 10%~90%RH, without condensation
      • Signal Wi-Fi 2.4G/5 dual-band, wireless signal strength higher than -70dBm