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  • Integrated charger: 

    It has both floating docking mechanism and intelligent hibernation technology, with multiple protective measures for safety. 
    E-commerce, 3C (Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics), tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc. goods-to-person handling, and supporting multi-power customized selection. 

    Key words:
    • Eh-48-50-c1-130-A
    • 规格

      • Overall dimensions 456mm*242mm*530mm
      • Charge mode Rear type
      • Input voltage 90~264VAC/47~63Hz or 127~370VDC
      • Output voltage 42Vdc~80Vdc(programmable)
      • Maximum power 1200/1700/3300W
      • Charge curve Given by the BMS or customized by the programming device
      • Human-computer interaction Touchscreen
      • Output short-circuit protection Constant current limiting; the charger will shut down after 5 seconds, and it can be restored after a restart
      • Overvoltage protection 82-100V shut-off and lock the output voltage, and it can be restored after a restart
      • Battery reverse polarity protection Protects against internal reverse detection, no damage, and it can be restored after the troubleshooting and restart
      • Over-temperature protection Turn off the output voltage and it will automatically restore after abnormities are removed
      • Communication mode RS485
      • Wi-Fi communication interface 1 way (optional)
      • Display 7" touchscreen
      • Operating ambient temperature -30-50℃(special customization required for the cold warehouses)
      • Operating humidity 20~95%RH, without condensation