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  • It has the advantages of agility, high-speed, high positioning accuracy, and powerful, which aid in high-speed and high-precision flexible production.


    Applicable industry 

    It is widely used in sorting, handling and loading/unloading, packing and gluing in electronics, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, logistics, new energy and other industries.

    *:For wiring, interface, and other optional requirements, please consult with RobotPhoenix technicians. 

    Key words:
    • Bat1100M-E3
    • 产品参数

      • Maximum load 3kg
      • Diameter of working space 1100mm
      • Number of axes 4-axis (optional 3-axis)
      • Repeated positioning accuracy 0.08mm
      • Four-axis angular repeated positioning accuracy (°) 0.05
      • 25/305/25-0.1kg 0.41s
      • 25/305/25-1kg 0.476s
      • 25/305/25-3kg 0.55s
      • 25/305/25-6kg -
      • 90/400/90-0.1kg 0.54s
      • 90/400/90-1kg 0.607s
      • 90/400/90-3kg 0.72s
      • 90/400/90-6kg -
      • 90/400/90-15kg -
      • Maximum speed 10m/s
      • Maximum acceleration 150m/s²
      • Supply voltage Three phase AC380V ± 10%, 50/60HZ
      • Rated power 3.5kW
      • Ambient temperature 0-45℃
      • Relative humidity 5-95%
      • Level of protection IP54
      • Safety Equipped with monitoring, emergency shutdown, and safety functions
      • Radiation EMC shielding
      • Installation suspension type
      • Weight 65kg
      • I/O interface 4 configurable digital inputs and outputs; 8-channel universal digital input and output (expandable with 8-channel digital input and output), 2-channel encoder input
      • Ethernet 2pcs
      • USB 2pcs
      • RS232/RS485 1pc
      • Ethercat Modbus-RTU/TCP、Socket
      • Communication protocol 1pc
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    The distance from the installation surface to the plane on the workspace 802mm
    Distance from the axis of the reducer to the plane on the working space 700mm
    The height of the cylindrical part of the workspace 250mm
    The height of the conical platform part of the workspace 50mm
    The diameter of the cylindrical part of the workspace 1100mm
    The diameter of the conical platform bottom of the workspace 950mm



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